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As a family-owned garage door company, we understand how important it is to have a working garage door. It can help protect your valuables from the elements and, most importantly, keep them safe. We use our experience and know-how to provide our clients in the Vancouver, WA area with exceptional local garage door repair and installation services.


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With nearly two decades of experience, Ryder Garage Doors, LLC offers new garage door installation and local garage door repair service to clients in the Vancouver, WA area. So whether you need your garage door repaired or a brand new garage door installed, our skilled contractors can help. So why not call us now for a free estimate from one of the leading garage door technicians in Vancouver, WA?

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About Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, Washington, located in the Pacific Northwest, is a city that seamlessly blends historical charm with modernity. It was established in 1825, became a city in 1857, and has followed its City Charter since 1952.

Named after the British explorer Captain George Vancouver, the city honors its past while embracing progress. Strategically located along the Columbia River, it spans 51.84 square miles and boasts diverse landscapes, including hills, forests, and waterways. These natural settings offer abundant outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, and the city’s elevation provides stunning vistas.

Vancouver is a bustling city with a strong sense of community. Based on a council/manager system, its governance ensures that development aligns with residents’ needs. The city’s economy has transitioned from a fur trading post to a dynamic hub for various industries, benefitting from its proximity to Portland, Oregon.

Vancouver, Washington, is home to various educational institutions, including colleges and universities. Here’s a summary of some of the key institutions in the area:

  • Washington State University Vancouver: This is the only four-year research university in Southwest Washington that offers a range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.
  • Clark College: As a public community college, Clark College is notable for its wide range of undergraduate programs. It is the largest institution of higher education in southwest Washington.
  • Private Colleges and Universities: The region has several private colleges and universities. These institutions offer diverse degree programs and cater to a range of student needs.
  • Community Colleges: The area also has community colleges offering 2-year degrees, providing a range of programs and courses.


These institutions form an essential part of the educational landscape in Vancouver, offering opportunities for higher education to both local and international students. The presence of these educational institutions contributes significantly to the community’s development, providing pathways for career advancement and personal growth.

Vancouver, Washington, boasts a vibrant arts scene, reflecting its rich cultural diversity through various galleries, theaters, and festivals. Here’s an overview of what the city offers in terms of arts and entertainment:

  • Public Art & Galleries: Vancouver is home to a range of public art installations and galleries. These venues showcase a diverse array of artistic expressions, from traditional to contemporary art, highlighting local and regional artists. Some key locations include the Art at the Cave, La Casita Art Gallery & Cultural Center, and Kilnfolk Studio & Gallery​​.
  • Vancouver Arts & Music Festival: This festival is a major cultural event in the city, featuring award-winning musicians, visual artists, and local performers. It’s an inclusive event that celebrates artistic talents from across the region, offering a rich tapestry of music and art for all ages​​.
  • Festivals and Special Events: Vancouver hosts a variety of festivals and special events throughout the year. These include events at Esther Short Park, RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater, and Kiggins Theatre. The festivals range from music and dance to visual arts, catering to a wide audience​​.
  • Vancouver Stage and Art: This organization focuses on engaging with the local music and performing arts scene to create a community-based theater and music venue. It brings artists, dancers, musicians, technicians, and students together to create a dynamic arts and theater center​​.
  • Summer Festivals: The city’s summer festivals offer a mix of food, drink, arts and crafts events. These festivals provide a platform for local artisans and craftsmen to showcase their work alongside enjoyable activities for families and individuals​​.
  • Columbia Arts Network’s Vancouver USA Arts & Music Festival: This festival features over 75 artists showcasing their works across national and regional art shows. It’s a celebration of local creativity and a catalyst for the flourishing arts community in Vancouver​​.
  • Wine and Jazz Festival: The Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival is a popular event, featuring jazz music along with fine art, crafts, and homegrown products exhibitors. It’s an exciting blend of music and visual arts, enriched with local food and wine offerings​​.
  • Society of Washington Artists Fall Arts Show: This annual event by the Society of Washington Artists is a significant milestone in Vancouver’s art scene. It features a variety of artworks and is a great opportunity to experience the local artistic talent​​.
  • Performances at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics: This school hosts various performances and shows, contributing to the local arts scene. Their events include a range of artistic expressions from students and local artists​​.


These are just a few examples of Vancouver, Washington’s rich and diverse arts scene. Each venue and event offers a unique experience, contributing to the city’s reputation as a cultural and artistic activity hub.

Committed to sustainability, Vancouver invests in green initiatives, enhancing the environment and residents’ quality of life. Its community spirit is evident in numerous volunteer programs and neighborhood associations, encouraging active civic engagement.

Looking ahead, Vancouver focuses on economic development, quality of life, and community engagement, ensuring a bright future for its nearly 191,000 residents.

Vancouver’s population reflects a balance of gender and age, with a near-even split between females (51.1%) and males (48.9%), and a median age of 37. The city’s racial composition mirrors America’s diversity: 71.5% White, alongside significant Asian, Black, Hispanic, and other minority communities. This diversity enriches the city’s culture and fosters inclusivity.

With a median household income of $63,617, the city faces challenges like poverty (12.7%) and disability (9.7%), highlighting the need for equitable solutions. High employment rates (96.5%) and educational achievements (91% high school completion, 29.2% with bachelor’s degrees) demonstrate a community that values hard work and learning.

Vancouver honors its veterans (6.1% of the population), contributing to a sense of resilience and patriotism. The city’s linguistic diversity, with 20.2% of households speaking a language other than English, adds to its cultural richness.

Vancouver’s commitment to public service is reflected in its workforce, including 217 police officers and 202 firefighters. The city supports 71 neighborhood associations, fostering a strong community bond.

Recreational facilities, including 82 parks and over 20 miles of trails, offer residents ample space for leisure and connection with nature. Community centers, like Marshall/Luepke and Firstenburg, serve as vibrant hubs for various activities.

The city’s dedication to public safety is evident in the high number of emergency responses by its fire and police departments. Vancouver’s urban development shows proactive growth, with numerous building permits and inspections and a focus on code compliance.

Environmental stewardship is a priority, demonstrated by initiatives like planting over 1,300 trees and managing 9.6 billion gallons of clean drinking water. The city’s approach to homelessness is compassionate, addressing the issue with dignity and care.

Vancouver’s infrastructure includes well-maintained streets and ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, ensuring accessibility for all. As it grows, the city remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its residents, making it a model of efficient management and vibrant community life.

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